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If you are looking spare parts for computers of all kinds, we are the experts you need. We sell Bios chips for your current motherboard, notebook or netbook as well as a matching CMOS Bios battery or power jack for your all-in-one PC. Do you have a desktop PC which no longer works after the BIOS update, or the DC jack on the notebook has stopped working? Then you are at the right place with us! You will find the right spare part in our continuously growing range of products. It doesn' t matter whether you require a Bios chip, CMOS battery, DC jack or the right cooling fan. We have what you need.


From tablet to desktop PC

You do not have to dispose of older, possibly defective machines such as the motherboard, netbook or notebook right away. With the right spare parts for your computer, chances are good that we can repair your machine and make it completely functional again. This saves resources and it's good for the environment. If a test has failed to flash the BIOS, we will help with the right Bios chip replacement or our Bios Replacement Service. A defective BIOS Chip does not make any netbook or notebook unusable because a repair can be done quickly and affordably. Do you have a programming device and know-how and would like to program your Bios chips yourself? In our shop, you will find just the right accessories for memory chips and programming adapters for all conventional programming devices. 

Is it possible that your notebook or other devices are only suffering from the effects of too much heat due to development temperature? Cooling fans get dusty over time and result in heat build-up in the flat, compact housing in the notebook, netbook or all-in-one PC. By changing the cooler fan unit, you are ensuring more leeway in terms of the temperatures and thereby increase the service life of the system hardware. This makes spare parts from our online shop are an affordable option to get your defective device back into operation.


First aid for a defective power DC jack

The DC jack shows no damage but it still won't boot the notebook? Particularly for older systems, the DC jack / charging jack is often worn out from continuous insertion and disconnections. We offer the right spare part for this problem and this will fix any possible errors which prevent the device from starting properly.


Empty CMOS RTC battery

Does your computer no longer save the Bios settings? This phenomenon frequently occurs in conjunction with a defective or empty Cmos Bios battery. In most cases, the CMOS battery is only inserted and not soldered. Just swap the CMOS BIOS battery yourself and continue to use your machine as you usually do.

Save money and benefit from our quick shipping for spare computer parts of all kinds. From the Bios chip, RTC CMOS battery to the notebook cooling fan and a Bios replacement service: We are looking forward to your order!



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