BIOS chip exchange


Basic information before you start:

  • It is absolutely necessary to pull out the power plug before you start. For Notebooks/ Netbooks etc please remove the battery too!
  • When working please avoid electrostatic discharge.


Chips with PLCC packages


In most cases you can  find this Chip package in a plastic socket on the mainboard. The easiest way to dismount the chips is with our PLCC extractor tool. Insert the hook of the pliers in the provided socket slots ( picture below, marked in green) and press the tong limbs together until the chip jumps out of the socket by itself.

The chip and the socket have a marker in the form of a bevelled edge ( picture below marked in red). During the instalation the marker must be minded. Put the chip over the socket and by applying light pressure press it into the socket.

PLCC32 Bios Chip

Picture: PLCC-32 Chip and Chip in an IC socket


Chips with DIP packages


This kind of chip configuration/ package is mostly inserted/ pluged in a plastic socket. The easiest way to dismount the chip is using two small screwdrivers and  lifting up the chip from the socket simutaneously, from two opposite sides. Insert the two screwdrivers at the short side between the chip and the socket and then by applying uniform pressure lift the chip up from the socket.

The chip and the socket have a marker in the form of a notch ( see picture below). Please  mind the marker when mounting the chip.

Bios Chip DIP Bauform

Picture: DIP-8 Chip and Chip in an IC socket


After installing the BIOS Chip


Restart your system and enter the BIOS settings. Select "Load setup defaults" or "Load optimized defaults" in the BIOS. Confirm the security prompt with "Yes". Save the settings and restart the system.


Chips in SOIC, WSON and TSOP packages


WSON, SOIC and TSOP chip packages are mostly soldered directy on the mainboard. For mounting and dismounting them, soldering experience as well as necessary equipment are required. You should decide by yourself whether you are able to install the chip by yourself.

Alternatively we also offer a cost effective repair sevice for Bios.