BIOS chip package types


PLCC-32 package


This is the most frequently used configuration/ package for the old mainboards. The Cip has 32 pins and a bevelled edge that serves as a marker.


Picture: PLCC-32 chip


DIP-8 package


Bios Chips with DIP-8 configuration are mostly used for current mainboards. The Chips have 2x4 pins and a marker in the form of a notch.


Picture: DIP-8 chip


SOIC-8 package (200mil)


Bios chips with SOIC-8 package are most commonly installed in current notebooks or motherboards. They have 2x4 pins and in most cases they are soldered on the motherboard. They have a marker on Pin 1.

SOIC-8 Bios Chip

Picture: Chip in SOIC-8 package


SOIC-8 package (150mil)


Bios chips in this package are often used in current notebooks as Embedded Controller (EC) BIOS or keyboard controller (KBC) BIOS. The BIOS chips have 2x4 pins and are smaller than SOIC-8 (200mil) design. They have a mark on the Pin1.


Picture: Chip in SOIC-8 (150mil) package


SOIC-16 package


These Chips are mostly installed in Lenovo and HP devices. They have 2x8 pins and a marker on Pin1.

SOIC-16 Bios Chip

Picture: SOIC-16 Chip


TSOP package


This type of Bios chips are common in older notebooks. This configuration/ package is available with different numbers of pins.

For example: TSOP-32 mit 2x16pin, TSOP-40 mit 2x20pin oder TSOP-48 mit 2x24pin. Like all other chips, these chips also have a marker that shows the mounting direction/position.

TSOP-32 Bios-Chip

Picture: Bios Chip TSOP-32 package

TSOP-48 Bios Chip

Picture: Chip TSOP-48 package


WSON package


Chips in WSON design are often used on Apple Logic Boards. This design is available in 2 sizes (5mm x 6mm and 8mm x 6mm). The chips are marked with a small dot on Pin1.


Picture: Chip WSON package (Top and bottom)