Information about Bios Chips

Information about Bios Chips

Here you can find information about Bios Chip.

Topics such as Bios Chip types/ package, Bios Chip localisation, mounting and dismounting, Bios passwords will be treated in this section.


Bios chip package types

The most common used types for Bios chips (PLCC-32, SOIC-8, SOIC-16, TSOP, WSON) will be listed here.

Bios Chip localisation

Here you will find instructions / a guide for the Bios Chip localisation. In particular the SOIC-8 package will be described here in detail.

Bios Chip exchange

Bios Chip exchange - Here you will find instructions / a guide for the BIOS chip exchange.

Bios Chip Password

Here you will find informations about Bios Chip Passwords on motherboards, notebooks, and netbooks.

Bios chip solder

Information / a Guide: How to solder the bios chips. With a BGA rework station, a hot air station or a soldering iron.

How to change the BIOS CMOS battery

Here you will find information and instructions for installing and removing the CMOS battery.